About Dr. Li

Chinese medicine focuses on preventative processes and treatment in order to help the body's natural ability to repel and cure injuries and disease. Acupuncture may have preventative abilities when it comes to Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Seasonal treatments are one strategy Dr. Li employs to ensure preventative therapies are routinely applied.  She has been using seasonal treatment therapy for nearly twenty years.

In Chinese medicine each season is connected with particular organs of the human body.  For instance, summer in connected with the heart and the small intestine.  Fall is connected with the lungs and large intestine.  Winter is connected with the kidney and bladder.  Spring is connected with the liver and gallbladder.  It is also recognized that Indian summer is connected with the spleen and the stomach.  Chinese medicine believes treatment is more effective for these organs if done during their season.  Timing is important as well.   Treatment is ideal if it is done between five days before the start of the new season and end no later than seven days after the start of the season.  Feel free to contact Dr. Li if you wish to know more.